Saturday, September 14, 2013

Value Village Hauls

Thrift shopping is something that you are really into or not at all. It has been pretty trendy lately so I think a lot of people are jumping on board, which is great (especially from the environmental standpoint). I've always loved it. I love the treasure hunt, the lower prices and the smaller environmental footprint left behind.

The people who know me know that I always head straight for the sale rack every time I go shopping. It's always been my instinct to only buy things on sale or to save money everywhere I can. So naturally, I'm a fan of second hand items. I'm am even bigger fan of the value village giant half off sales that they have every few months. I'm all over their social media to make sure I know when the next one is. This one was right before they started setting up their Halloween merchandise... Heads up for next September! :)

I have been to a few of these sales with so-so luck, but this time was really great. I got 8 items for about $40. Isn't that amazing!?! Dresses, blouses and sweaters for about 5 bucks a piece. That strappy and colorful dress I'm saving for next summer, and the top-right corner item with the swirly black-and-white design is for my BFF Myriam from BeauteOptic, totally her style! Plus, I managed to find some great labels; Bebe, MODA, banana republic, smart set, and even the pieces from George were gorgeous! Sigh, you had me at half off....
I also went to a VV on my trip to Toronto for the vegetarian food festival (upcoming blog post!) last weekend. I found some great items. In my opinion, the prices were a bit higher but the quality of the items did reflect that. So I was ok with spending $25 for a beautiful, thick (fall-friendly) red trench coat and $18 on cute wedge heels that fit me perfectly. The purple sweater is from Smart Set and I also found two books that I'm thrilled about: one about travelling Europe and a French-language gourmet vegan cookbook!
Now tell me in the comments below: Do you thrift? What was your favourite find?

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