Friday, September 12, 2014

VegFoodFest 2014: Part 2 - Saturday

Saturday was a beautiful morning in Toronto heading to Day 2 of VegFoodFest hosted by the Toronto Vegetarian Association. If you haven't seen the previous post, here it is.

My breakfast consisted of Cookies & Cream Marshmallows and a Sticky Bun from Apiecalypse Now Bakery. Because who doesn't love an overload of sugar first thing in the morning!

This was followed by the healthy cooking demonstration by Marni Wasserman. She showed the audience how to make a healthier guacamole (with peas!) and a killer berry smoothie.

To compensate for this healthy food, I headed over to Hot Beans and got a Mac & Cheese Burrito with chips and guacamole. This was probably the most incredible food I've had this weekend.

Yes, the chips are inside the burrito. Yes, it was amazing. I can't wait to go back to Toronto and indulge again.  

The next cooking demonstration was from Terry Hope Romero. I was so excited to see her in person, since I've been using her recipes for years. She showed the audience how to make her Backyard Buffalo Caesar Salad in anticipation for her new book Salad Samurai.

Laurie Sadowski also presented some great tips for both vegan and gluten-free baking. I enjoyed her yummy dessert of caramel, peanut butter, strawberry and cookie crumble cups.

The ladies from Rawlicious showed us how to make their amazing raw Zucchini Pasta with Basil Pesto and sundried tomatoes.

One of the most unreal parts of this weekend was meeting the most incredible people. There was a panel of business owners giving advice on starting your own veg business. The panel consisted of Leanne from Vaute Couture, Stephanie from Pleasantville Creamery and Michael from YamChops. Listening to them was so inspiring!

I was also very happy to find these Nakd bars, since orange & chocolate is one of my favourite flavour combinations ever! I got to try a bite and it was enough to convince me to buy a full box. It has the amazing flavour of the old Terry's Chocolate Oranges but still delivering whole foods nutrition with very clean ingredients. 

There was also vegan poutine at the Green Earth booth! Having grown up French Canadian, this is a big deal for me.

Needless to say, I was well-fed both physically and mentally! This ends my Day 2 of vegan shenanigans at Toronto VegFoodFest.
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