Tuesday, September 9, 2014

VegFoodFest 2014: Part 1 - Friday

Last year was my first time visiting Toronto's massive Vegetarian Food Festival (the biggest in North America!). I had such an amazing time and you can read all about it here. This year, I knew I had to go and experience it again. There is something magical about being surrounded by all these wonderful like-minded people.

My Friday night started off with Doug McNish doing a cooking demonstration of his Mac&Cheese. He showed us how to make a cheese sauce using butternut squash and nutritional yeast, then topped it off with some fresh breadcrumbs. So yummy!

Definitely check out his cookbooks and if you happen to be in Toronto, stop by his Public Kitchen on Marlee ave.

Afterwards, I couldn't resist going over to the Sweets From The Earth booth for the Lavender Chocolate cupcake. I had this cupcake last year and it was so divine!

Next up on the schedule, we sat in on the nutrition experts panel debunking some vegan myths. This was so informative! They covered everything on protein, B12, gluten, soy, calcium, vitamin C and raw foods.

I capped off the night with a yummy Asian noodle dish with some soy-based squid. What a unique vegan find! I can't say for sure if it actually tastes like squid, but it had a kind of rubbery and fishy taste that would resemble it.

That's all for Day 1 of VegFoodFest 2014, but it certainly doesn't end here.
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