Thursday, November 20, 2014

Whole Foods opens in Ottawa!

Brace yourself for the visual feast you're about to enjoy. Whole Foods has just opened in Ottawa at the new Landsdowne Park/TD Place. With a plethora of amazing vegan and organic choices, the grand opening was a big success.

I could't resist this sale on organic bananas

The large variety of non-dairy milks

More refrigerated non-dairy milk and creamers

Veggie burgers and meat strips

Breaded vegan seafood and Tofurkey roasts

Vegan pizzas galore!

Amy's frozen entrees and vegan mac&cheese

Soy and coconut milk yogurts

Tofutti, Daiya and Earth Balance non-dairy products

Vegan cheeses, deli meats, tempeh and tofu

Auntie Loo's and Sweets from the Earth desserts

All sorts of personal care products

Hot food bar

Salad bar

Veggies galore!

My picks from the salad bar
Teriyaki tofu, cauliflower mash, roasted veggies, broccoli salad

Eating area

One of the two coffee & juice bars

Thanks for the lovely time, Whole Foods!


  1. I was so excited to be there too. I guess I just missed you according to Ranada. She's such a doll. We should meet up on your day off with a few others. I met some really nice Vegan ladies my age. I'm communicating with one of them already. Such a change from the reg grocery stores.

    1. Hi Claudette. It was so much fun! Looking forward to seeing you again :)

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to take all of these photos and post them! I can't wait to get down there! I will wait a few more weeks, I don't like dealing with crowds :(

    1. Thanks for the comment :) Try going on a weekday morning, those are usually not very busy. Have fun!