Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Hidden Vegan Gem in Montreal

Montreal is one of Canada's best cities for vegan food. I've been visiting often lately, because there is no better excuse to travel than vegan food! 

One of my favorite finds was this small place called Résonance Café in the trendy Mile-End neighborhood. It is tucked away in the lower level of a building on Avenue du Parc. Our Couchsurfing host (a non-vegan!) recommended it to us and raved about their homemade almond milk. They had a nice open space, where they also host live music and other events.

Their 100%-vegan menu has coffee drinks, all-day breakfast items, bowls, sandwiches, smoothies and more. 

Naturally, I had to try the latte and it did not disappoint. It was rich, creamy and very yummy!

Always one for nostalgic vegan food, I got the breakfast sandwich; tofu scramble, probiotic cashew cheese, tomato and house ketchup. It was very good, but I would definitely recommend adding the tempeh bacon for more texture. The house ketchup was delish!

I also got a yogurt parfait, made with probiotic coconut yogurt, house-made jam and granola. I don't have vegan yogurt very often, so this was a nice treat! The flavors and textures worked perfectly together.

Résonance Café gets a thumbs up from me! I'll definitely be returning on my next visit. 

You can find them at and on Facebook


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  2. Très bien! :)
    Looks delicious.. I'm visiting the city in December and I'll definitely pay a visit