Monday, January 14, 2013

Cleanse Day 7: fasting

Yesterday was day 7 of the Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse, and also my first fasting day. The book suggests that you fast once a week, to give your body a break from digesting solids. Drinking lots of water, tea and green juices are on the menu for the day. In theory, your body absorbs nutrients faster and gives you more energy to do other things instead of digesting food. Yesterday, my food diary consisted of lots of water, 3 teas and 3-4 glasses of green juice. I have to admit I was dreading it, but it was actually not bad. I kept busy and kept sipping, so there was no hunger in sight. It felt good to not have to worry about food, not wondering about ingredients or putting time into making food.

Over the past week, I noticed that I feel full. Weird... I thought I was just going crazy, but it feels like my stomach has shrinked. I have always been the kind of person who eats just because I feel like eating, whether I'm hungry or not. I eat when I know I'm supposed to have a meal (that's the virgo in me) and that's just how I do it. It seems like this cleanse has helped me become more in tune with my body and now I actually pay attention to what it's trying to tell me. It's not about the cravings or the time of day anymore, it's about how I feel and what my body needs. Loving it!

I also had a bit of a breakthrough last night. As you know from my last post I haven't been meditating. Filling out the checklist as I do everyday, I keep feeling bad about putting a big NO beside the did-you-meditate-today line. I decided to give it a try since it was almost bedtime and my apartment was relatively quiet (apart from my sister ruffling through her closet, apparently clothes hangers are actually really loud). I grabbed a small pillow and put it on the edge of my bed against the wall. Ok, here we go! I sat on the pillow, cross-legged against the wall and did the middle-fingers-touching-thumbs thing with my hands. And waited. I could feel the wheels still running in my brain. Thinking of this, gotta do that, worrying about things.... I waited some more to see if these thoughts would leave. They didn't. BUT, they became more quiet. I became more aware of myself. Everything was more refined; how I felt physically and emotionally were easier to grasp. I think it was a good step in this journey. I guess we will see how that turns out tonight, how long will I actually continue in this mind frame and make time to meditate? Stay tuned!

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