Sunday, January 27, 2013

January cleanse: week 3 recap

Oh my! Week 3 of my Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse is already done! It has officially been 21 days today that I have been following the cleanse. I have to say it went by really fast! Overall, I'm feeling pretty great physically and emotionally, even with some leftover cold symptoms and a bit of emotional drama in my life. This has become my goal, something to be proud of, something to achieve and to explore. I'm so thankful to have found this!

This week was a little different, staying home with a cold for most of it. I watched alot of movies and tv since I had no internet at home. But, that also means I had time to make a few yummy dishes! I made a great mexican-style rice pilaf consisting of; brown rice, diced tomatoes, corn, black beans, assorted beans, onions, mushrooms, chili powder and other spices. I had served this on a plate topped with sautéed collard greens and garlic, yum! Now my weekend consists of catching up on homework and studying because of missing so much class. Horray....

Looking back on the 21 days, I have decided to extend it until the end of January (4 extra weekdays) to make up for a few slip-ups along the way. This means that my cleanse ends on a friday. Uh oh.... I'm predicting some crazy indugling (mostly alcohol and sugar) for this weekend! And trying out that Babycakes Donut Maker I got for christmas, as well as the crème brûlée torch I got my mom for christmas. I'm thinking the sugar overdose experience will be quite different this time. It feels like my tastebuds are now super-finetuned to tastes and seasonings. I'm kind of scared sweets will be too sweet! I mean, it's a good thing obviously, but it kind of makes me sad. Is that wrong?

Although today is Sunday, I decided not to fast today because those damn bananas were screaming my name! Oh well, it was optional. Other than my breakfast of lemon-honey water (yes, I have been having organic honey due to my awful cough, but this is a discussion for a different time), green juice and the evil banana, I had some oats mixed with cream of buckwheat and some maple syrup, cinnamon, allspice and blueberries ealier. I'll be posting again later this week when I'm all done my extended cleanse. See you all then! :)

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