Wednesday, April 3, 2013

5 Ingredient Recipe: Kale and Carrot Stir-Fry

Wow, April already! Time sure flies by when you've got exams to study for, a school club to run and an apartment to pack up. Here's another 5 Ingredient Recipe.

This was one of those leftover madness dishes that happen to turn out really, really good. After making this batch of fabulous carrot and cucumber sushi rolls, I had lots of shredded carrots and rice leftover.

I'm always trying to fit more greens into my diet. Kale is my go-to green because not only does it taste fabulous, but it's also a nutrient superstar. There is a great business in Sudbury, ON called Adoro that sells this amazing selection of infused and flavoured olive oils and balsamic vinegars. I had purchased a great sampler pack from them at a women's show a few months ago, and I've been incredibly impressed with the quality of their products. Today, I'm using the Wild Mushroom & Sage flavoured olive oil because I think the flavours work really well with the other ingredients.

Wild Mushroom &Sage flavoured olive oil (you can use regular olive oil too)
1/4 of a red onion, chopped
1 Tbsp minced garlic
1/2 cup shredded carrots
2-3 cups baby kale

Heat oil in a frying pan. Add onions and cook, covered, until soft. Mix in garlic and carrots and cook another 3 minutes or so. Add baby kale and a small splash of water to prevent burning. Cook, covered, for 5 minutes or until kale is wilted.

I served this on a bed of rice, which would technically count as a 6th ingredient. Whoops! This would also be great served on pasta, quinoa or another grain. Have fun with it!

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