Monday, July 13, 2015

Sensory Deprivation Tanks... Experience Absolutely Nothing!

Tank Action is Ottawa's first and only flotation spa and I had the wonderful opportunity to try out a session. Their location is a beautiful and clean space with a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of clean towels to go around. Their services, however, are completely unique. They have sensory deprivation tanks that block out all sensation, creating an environment to bring you to the deepest relaxation level while still being conscious.

Inside the 5x8 feet tanks, there is no sound, no light, and no sense of feeling at all. The water in the tank contains thousands of pounds of Epsom salts, causing your body to float completely, and is heated to the same temperature as your body. This type of therapy has helped people who deal with stress, chronic pain, mental and physical illnesses. Learn more about floating here.

My float was a 60 minute session, with time for showering before and after. It's really hard to describe my experience, as it's something totally unique. Everyone experiences it differently, and this is my first impression:

At first, it feels very strange. The water is kind of slimy from all the salt. You have to willingly get water in your ears to get into position, but once you get the air bubbles out it's quite comfortable. It felt almost like a zero-gravity device, completely floating and weightless. I did feel a bit like I was moving around in waves for a bit. It takes some time to adjust positions and fully let go of muscle tension, especially in the neck.

That's a lot of Epsom salt!

At first I felt like a mermaid with my hair floating everywhere. I tied my hair in a loose ponytail so that it wouldn't float around me but also wasn't too tightly pulled. With no other sensory feelings, you can really feel any tension in tight hairstyles. Another tip; don't get water near your eyes, salt stings!

Towards the end, I felt incredibly relaxed and my mind could slow down. I felt like I was taken completely out of my body and my mind was floating away.

When getting out of the tank, all senses come back and it's a little overwhelming. After showering and getting all the salt out of my ears, my body felt really light, almost angelic. I had much more bodily awareness and consciousness.

That night, I slept incredibly well. Even the next day I felt great! My skin was soft, my mind felt more awake and I felt more in tune with my body.

I went with my friend Courtney from Courtney's Vlog, here is her recap video!

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