Friday, June 26, 2015

An inside look at Green Beaver Company

Note: This is a repost of my original article written for the terra20 blog.

Green beaver is a family-owned natural products company that has been around for 13 years. They prioritize using local, organic and natural ingredients which reduce harmful chemical exposure to humans as well as reducing environmental impact on the planet.

20150428_144850.jpgBefore starting the business, Alain and his wife Karen were working in the chemical industry. It wasn't until they were starting a family that they really became concerned about the dangers of harsh chemicals. To create more choices for those looking to make a change, they started Green Beaver.

When developing the products, they made sure everything was in line with their ethical standards. They do not test on animals, nor do they use animal ingredients in the products (with the exception of the local organic beeswax in the sunscreens and lip balms). They also do not use any palm oil in any of their products for ecological and ethical reasons. They want everyone to be able to safely use the products, which is why they chose to have a gluten-free facility and the majority of the products are nut-free as well. Green Beaver has an open-door policy; they have nothing to hide and encourage visits to their factory.

The staff at terra20 was given an opportunity to tour their factory in Hawkesbury, ON. Alain Ménard, co-founder and CEO, picked us up and was our guide for the day. We got to meet all the nice people working behind the scenes at the small office. We didn't get to meet Alain's mother Denise, who was taking care of her duties as VP of vacation (ha!). 

C:\Users\Josee\Desktop\warehouse.JPGAlain was so happy to show us around the facility. We got to see the warehouse and the complex inventory system they use in order to meet the EcoCert certification. The company chose to follow EcoCert regulations because the European certification has higher standards than other organic ones.

We got to see the large quantities of ingredients that are sourced locally as much as possible. Alain is close with many farmers in the area, especially the sunflower farmer with whom he now works with. Alain hinted that we should expect more products featuring the local sunflower oil, since its moisturizing properties are incredible comparatively to other oils. 

20150428_125709.jpgAfter all the ingredients are sorted and accounted for, they are cleared for production. The production room welcomed us with the smell of their Lavender Deodorant in the air. Alain explained to us that most of the equipment is second hand and they are as good as new. The company diverts as much as possible from landfills wherever they can. 

This new deodorant formula, in both the stick and the spray, features a concentrated form of sage oil, a naturally deodorizing herb. They are the first in the industry to use this in their deodorants, and we've had great reviews in store. It works even on existing odour, which makes it great for travelling, stinky shoes and sports bags! It is also ideal for sensitive skin and tweens because there are no harsh ingredients.

The new citrus deodorant is part of a fundraising initiative in conjunction with the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Center (OICC). All proceeds from the limited-edition stick will go to the OICC, Ottawa’s non-profit cancer care and research center.

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You can find their products at many retailers, like terra20 and local health food stores. They are also sold online at

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