Saturday, February 2, 2013

January cleanse: extension week recap

The last little stretch is done! WOW! What an accomplishement for me. Feeling incredibly proud, inspired, and happy! Here's how it went:

Monday night I did some awesome yoga at my local Goodlife Fitness. I felt so great afterwards, it was a really good class! My sister had brought along two of her friends, who were very hesitant to trying yoga. Obviously, they came out of the class loving it! It was so nice to see this positive influence and the happy chatting afterwards (insert warm fuzzy feelings here). And then my sister and I went home and munched on guacamole and roasted red pepper hummus with Gluten-Free crackers, yum! It's actually really embarassing how much hummus we go through... Good thing we buy it at Costco!

So apparently I'm a runner now.... WHAT? I've never been a runner, a jogger, or even a big walker. Cardio has never been my thing. During this cleanse, I found that I have SO much more energy, and I need to do something more than bicep curls and squats to get it out. Since getting bad whiplash this summer, my back and shoulder area have been tense so I didn't want to work out too hard. Cardio it is. I've been doing pretty good, slowly working my way up to longer periods (watching longer Ted Talks videos!). My biggest issue before was the sluggishness (probably just unconscious laziness) and my lack of endurance. Now it's not an issue at all!

Okay, sugar is really, REALLY hard to avoid. I've been sucking on some throat soothing lozenges for this never-ending cough I've had. Every single kind I found had the first ingredient as sugar or ''evaporated cane juice'' or some other incognito sugar. I settled with some Ricolla drops. Darn. Ok... and I also had some ketchup (it was organic at least...) with my amazing grilled cheese concoction. Hear this: vegan margarine mixed with some garlic, ginger and paprika, spread onto some Sesame Ezekiel toast, insert Daiya cheddar and avocado slices and pan-fry this baby up. It was unbelievable. I didn't have time to take a picture, I had no self control! It didn't really go along with the 80-20 or even the 60-40 guidelines from the Crazy Sexy Diet, but at least the avocados count for something! This is the kind of meal that makes veganism so much more attainable and fulfilling to me. The excitement and high-pitched mental squeals from this experience make it all so priceless and worth the fight. Ok and grilled cheese and ketchup make me really, REALLY happy!

As far as following the mostly-raw foods part of the cleanse, I did have a bit of an issue here. When it's -40 degrees Celcius outside, I don't feel like coming home to a cold dish. Sorry... As much as I love the ideas, the reasonings, the methods and the recipes of this book, my body wants warmth when it's that cold outside. I would definitely like to try the full cleanse again during the warmer months since I would probably be even more satisfied when the produce is fresh and available. Looks like it's another marking on the good old to-do list!

Thursday was the last day of January and the last day of my cleanse. I celebrated with an outing to my favourite all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant with my mom, which was incredible. I can't stop craving it, I may have a (vegan) sushi problem... Anyway, this weekend I will be having some drinks and pulling out the donut maker since they aren't forbidden anymore. Stay tuned for a donut post!

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